ALBUM PROMO (Silver) - Radio Spots, Social Media & Web

We've teamed up with Urban Gospel Network Radio in the UK to help you promote your music on the Radio. The promotion includes 10 radio ads per day for two weeks including a play on the live show to over 20,000 people by one of the most influential DJ's in the UK. To do this we can take your finished track and produce a broadcast quality radio ad including voiceover.

On social media we will help increase your You Tube videos views reaching up to 10,000 people, using our essential video marketing tools to ensuring your videos reach your audience faster, target to the right people and get maximum engagement with your video leading to more views. On Facebook, we use edgeranking optimisation, leveraging our huge reach, ensuring your video gets targeted views from real people. On You Tube we also show how to optimise your video page and use SEO to gain more views.

We also submit, hard copies as well as downloads of your music to our database of personal contatcts including 100  DJ's, radio stations, events and festival organisers to ensure your music is heard by key influencers in the industry, to help you secure your minstry place.

Radio Promo - Only 269 GBP (Radio Spots, Social Media & Web)

Guaranteed airplay!

Visit: Facebook/GospelVideosuk